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“For more days and nights than I could count, I had struggled to read the manuscript. The parchment pages were fine as lace in some places, and water-stained and badly discolored in others. The words, almost indecipherable here and there, floated before my tired eyes. Just turning the pages was a delicate task, requiring patience and discipline to avoid damaging this treasure. But at last my efforts began to bear fruit—and what a strange and disturbing bounty the content was proving to be. However, to maintain objectivity, I distanced myself from what I was reading, and focused all of my energy upon the analytical task of translation. But then one evening, my efforts produced a passage that shattered my scholarly detachment, while in the same moment changing my entire view of what I was doing. I sat back and stared, in awe and horror, at the words that my latest translation had produced. Surely I must have misunderstood; this cannot be true. Going back to the beginning of the passage, I examined every line of the text, comparing every word and nuance against my work. When I had verified every detail as well as I could, I sat back and reread what I had written.”